Manage your eBay and PayPal orders easily - totally free!

See your transactions in one place, export multiple orders for printing, powerful search, send automated emails to your customers, organise your stock, dispatch electronic files among many other features!

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What is Scrobbld?

Scrobbld is an online service which makes it easy and painless to follow up PayPal orders. It helps sellers manage post sale activities like label printing, communications, stock taking and more. It is easy to use and you can use it for free or take the tour.

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Utilising the Instant Payment Notification technology from PayPal transactions we create real-time associations between your orders without any access to your PayPal account. Optimised for eBay sellers but also for use with all small or home businesses who use PayPal for their transactions.

Features of Scrobbld

  • Export multiple orders in printer-friendly format.
  • Know when you have dispatched an item.
  • Send automated notifiers to buyers.
  • Automated stock management.
  • See transactions for a particular buyer in one place.
  • Add tracking info & notes to orders.
  • eBay API integration.
  • Detailed statistics on your received transactions.

Benefits of Scrobbld

  • Save time and boost productivity. A lot.
  • No more copy-paste for postage labels.
  • Avoid duplicate dispatches.
  • Spend less time responding to emails.
  • Easy, very easy to use.
  • Free for small sellers.
  • 1 month free-trial for paid plans.
  • New features; last update was on 19th February.

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"Besides being simple, it's a great time saver."

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