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About Scrobbld

What is Scrobbld?

Scrobbld keeps track of a seller's PayPal orders and takes the hassle out of post-sale affairs such as printing address labels, tracking, managing stock and customer relations management.(top)

Do I need to provide my PayPal or eBay details?

No, we do not require your eBay or PayPal usernames and passwords.(top)

Is it free?

The service is completely free if you sell in small quantities. For more serious sellers then you have the option to upgrade or buy individual bundles of transactions to keep you going. If you're not sure Scrobbld is the right service for you, either send us an email at feedback [at] or sign up, which will not cost you a thing.(top)

How do I get my transaction details into Scrobbld?

We get your details using PayPal's Instant Payment Notifications which is explained in the IPN section below.(top)

How do I get in touch?

We always appreciate feedback, whether positive or negative. To get in touch send comments to feedback [at] or, when you are logged in, leave a message by clicking on the Feedback link towards the top right corner of the screen.(top)

How do I find out more information?

Have a look at the tour, which gives a quick overview of all the pages and features in Scrobbld. Alternatively, you can sign up at any time (for free, and with no commitment) and if for some reason it's not what you are after we have an option to completely delete your account and all details. Very easy!(top)

Can I use other shopping carts in conjunction with Scrobbld?

Of course! Scrobbld can be used in conjunction with any shopping cart that uses IPN. All you need to do is enter the URL provided by Scrobbld into PayPal, and then enter the URL provided by your shopping cart into Scrobbld. Everything will work as normal.(top)

Which web browsers are supported by Scrobbld?

Scrobbld runs smoothly in Firefox (recommended) and Safari browsers. Much care has been taken to support Internet Explorer 6 and 7, though there might be a few hickups here and there. If you encounter any faults, please let us know and we'll try to fix them as quickly as possible.(top)

Subscription and Payments

How do I sign up for an account on Scrobbld?

Go to the pricing and signup page by clicking the link at the top of this page labelled 'pricing & signup'. On the page that appears, choose the plan that best suits your needs and click the 'subscribe' button. Then follow the instructions on the screen.(top)

What is the free trial?

The free trial period gives you a chance to try Scrobbld without any commitments for 1 month. If you cancel within this month, you won't be paying anything.(top)

What happens after the free trial is over?

If you do not provide any payment details, after the trial period your account will be limited to the 'Personal Account' as mentioned in the plans above. We will send you an email reminder 3 days before the end of the trial preiod for you to upgrade.(top)

How do I pay for my plan?

Once you have chosen the plan that you want and entered your details, you will be sent to PayPal for the payment. You can chose to either pay through your PayPal account or using a credit card.(top)

How do I modify my plan?

Log into your account, and click on the 'Account' tab on the top right of the screen. Then click on the 'Buy/Upgrade' tab inside the page. Chose the plan you wish to switch to and click the 'subscribe' button.(top)

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time you wish. If you were on a paid plan, we will not bill you after you have cancelled your account. Log into your account, and click on the 'Account' tab on the top right of the screen. Then click on the 'Settings' tab inside the page. At the bottom of the page click on 'I understand the terms, please delete my account'.(top)

What plan is suitable for me?

Well, we have four plans, where the minimum is the most basic and would probably be suitable for selling a couple of items per day, or for trying Scrobbld out. If you are a bit more serious, and want to sell more than a couple of items then you should consider the paid accounts which offer great value and accommodate even the most serious of sellers. EBay Power sellers should consider either the Premium or Plus plans. If these are not enough for you then send us an email; we will try and work something out.(top)

What is a 'Transaction Limit'?

A transaction limit is the number of 'Completed' transactions that you may receive through PayPal. You receive a monthly allowance depending on what plan you have signed up for, though you can purchase a larger allowance if necessary through the account page, or upgrade your plan. If you go over the transaction limit, Scrobbld will not store those notifications.(top)

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my account during the free trial?

If you signed up on the Free plan originally and you select to upgrade your account during the fully featured free trial then your billing date will start on that day (you will not get another free trial!). If you signed up on a paid account, and you modify your subscription you will be asked at the end of the free trial to pay the modified amount.(top)

Is the free plan the same as the free trial?

No. The free trial is a fully featured 'demo' that lasts for one month, regardless of the plan you sign up for. This means you can try out the service with no limits for one month. On the other hand, the free plan has lower limits for transactions, number of SKUs and the number of export templates you can have. This plan can be used indefinitely.(top)

Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

What is Instant Payment Notification (IPN)?

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a method by which PayPal sends a notification whenever activity occurs on your PayPal account. For more information visit PayPal's website:

How do I setup IPN to receive transactions into Scrobbld?

Once you log into your Scrobbld account for the first time, the screen that appears shows the instructions to set up the IPN.(top)

Why do non-English characters look weird?

This is because PayPal is sending you payment notifications in windows 1252 encoding. To receive notifications which support non-European languages, follow these steps; Login to Paypal > goto the 'Profile' tab > click on 'Language Encoding' > goto 'More languages' at the bottom of the tab, and finally select UTF-8 from the dropdown box and select Save. Bearing in mind that to see these characters on your computer you must also have the particular character set and fonts installed.(top)

Help! I've set everything up but I'm not receiving any notifications?

If you are using a shopping cart it is possible that the cart sets a notify_url parameter (to tell your database that you have sold a particular item). This overrides any settings you have in your PayPal account. If you have access to the cart's code then you can remove the notify_url parameter, and instead put this URL parameter into Scrobbld (Account > Settings > IPN Forwarding). This just means that Scrobbld will forward your IPN as soon as it is received from PayPal. If you don't have access to the code, you will have to contact the cart provider to ask how to modify this setting, as there is nothing Scrobbld can do to override the notify_url parameter (Sorry).(top)

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

What are SKUs?

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) allow you to put similar items, that are advertised using different title on your store, into one place and then keep track of stock levels for the SKU.(top)

How do I add products to an SKU?

There are two ways in which you can add products to an SKU. First, on the Transactions page, click on a name to show the details. Click on 'Add to SKU' button and select the SKU you require. Second way is to go to the Inventory page and click on the SKU you would like to add products to. Select a product from the drop down and click 'Add to this SKU'.(top)

How do I create a new SKU?

On the Inventory page, click on 'Create a new SKU'. An overlay window will let you specify the SKU title, show you a dropdown menu to select and add products to the SKU, and give a place to specify the stock level.(top)

Why do I need an SKU?

SKUs can be considered as folders for your individual products, and is in fact good business practice to keep your products categorised like this. As such, we use the SKU to track stock and send any Ebooks. If necessary you should even make SKUs for just one product to give more flexibility at a later date.(top)


How do I export order information?

On the Transactions page, select the transactions by clicking on the check boxes at the front and press the Export Selected button at the top. Soon after you export, the exported files will be displayed for you to download. You can also download the files later on from the Exports section.(top)

What are Export Templates?

You can choose the information you like to export using Export Templates. You can add fields like customer name, customer address, number of items ordered, etc. to a Template. At the time of exporting, choose the template that contains the fields you would like to export. You can also set a default template that will be used everytime you export information.(top)

What is export Grouping?

The Grouping method chosen in the Export Template allows you to generate separate export files for similar orders. For example, if the grouping method is Customer, then a separate file will be generated for orders of each customer.(top)


What are Ebooks?

Ebooks are electronic files, typically PDF documents, that can be downloaded by a customer.(top)

How can I upload an Ebook?

You can host Ebooks on Scrobbld. Goto the 'eBooks' page when you have logged in and click on 'Upload an eBook', this will prompt you to find the file on your computer to upload to Scrobbld.(top)

How can my customers see their Ebook?

You must associate an Ebook to an SKU. When you receive an order matching that SKU, the Ebook will be visible on your customer's account page. The customer will be notified of the Ebook if you have enabled the relevant Notifier.(top)

Automatic Notifiers

What is a Notifier?

A notifier is an email that is dispatched to your customer when you receive an order. This is done automatically. All you have to do is enable or disable the notifier in the 'Notifiers' page. Many users have said that using notifiers drastically reduced the number of emails they received and had to reply to, giving them more time to deal with other things. By default, notifiers are switched off.(top)

How do I make it seem as if it was me who sent the notifier?

To make it look like you sent it from your mail address (a bit more professional!) goto Notifiers > Mailbox Settings > Mailbox Identity and enter both the name of your company and your company's email address in the text boxes. The default is the email address you signed up with.(top)

How can I personalise my notifier content?

To make the notifier more useful, you can add automatically generated fields to your message. These are available from the dropdown list below the message body on the 'Notifiers' page. For example, if you choose 'First Name' from the list and click 'send to editor' it will insert the tag [first_name] into the notifier content box. When the notifier is sent Scrobbld will replace [first_name] with your customer's first name. Remember to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page, whenever you make a change to your notifier.(top)

What is the link in the email?

Scrobbld generates an account for your customer to see both their order history (so they know when their order has been dispatched) and a place to download any ebooks they might have bought. This is specific to the customer (as a buyer may purchase items from numerous sellers), and the link to this page is included in all emails dispatched from Scrobbld.(top)


What is the FAQ?

The FAQ is a section for you to put your Frequently asked questions in one place. The style is the same as this FAQ, and you can create the FAQ through your account. (top)

Why should I use this FAQ?

Due to the unbelievably simple and usable interface, we think that this FAQ is significantly better than any other FAQ services out there at the moment. You can connect this upto your eBay account, have a look at http://blog.scrobbld...for more info and a video.(top)

What is the point of an FAQ?

It reduces the number of questions that your users will need to ask you. It also provides a clear example of your terms, refund policy and so forth that will be useful in resolving any customer disputes.(top)